Episode 13: It’s a Trap

False welcome — long, intense battle — achievement unlocked.
This was some fight.

The party walked into a trap. I thought it was an obvious setup, but apparently people can’t read minds?

In any case, the baddies came in waves and surrounded the party.

All the mobs in the whole place came in to fight.

But my players have excellent tactics. This ain’t their first rodeo.

As you see below, they placed Geth in a side doorway, and Gallidon cast sanctuary on him, which means mobs have to make a Wis save to even attack Geth. On top of that, Geth dodged for his actions, which means mobs have disadvantage to attack him.

I don’t think he got hit after that.

Meanwhile, Shadow and Gallidon just wore the mobs down.

Until they routed. But, as one of the knights tried to escape, Geth shot out his vulture-mount from beneath him:

This episode is mostly fighting, but it’s a really good fight.

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