s2e9: Out of the Abyss Review


Although this is the last episode of season 2 proper, we have a lot more material from the season that we’re not going to release right now. This episode just skips to the end of the campaign because, to be honest, we were done with it.

And not just with this module, but with WotC’s big modules in general.

So, in season 3, as we’ve already hinted in our last post, we’re going to do things differently. Continue reading

Season 3 Preview

Tonight we’re going to kick off our next season.

We’re not going to do just one campaign, and we’re specifically steering clear of modules from Wizards of the Coast. So no official D&D products.

Our first sessions are going to taking on +Patrick Stuart‘s nightmare module Deep Carbon Observatory (art by +Scrap Princess) using +Chris McDowall‘s elegant Into the Odd.

* * * l i n k s * * *
Patrick Stuart’s blog: http://falsemachine.blogspot.com/

Scrap’s blog: http://monstermanualsewnfrompants.blogspot.com/

Chris McDowall’s blog: http://soogagames.blogspot.com/