43 – Let’s Play Deep Carbon Observatory (Part 4) – Does It Have Bones?

We talk about our experience playing LotFP at DragonCon 2016 in more detail before getting to the actual play. Oh, and also before the actual play, we chat about video games (Doom, Grim Dawn, Dark Souls 3) and other media. Our lovely tour through the ruins of the valley continues, and we wind up at the foot of the broken dam. AP starts at 17:07.

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38 – DragonCon 2016


This is our DragonCon (Party Capital of the World™) 2016 recap episode. We had a much better experience than we did the previous year, and we talk about why.

We go over a lot of stuff in this episode, including:

Our Costumes


Tim as Joel from The Last of Us Remastered



Tim as Joel from The Last of Us, with Starbuck


Daniel as Bloodborne hunter with top hat


Daniel as Bloodborne hunter with tricorn

People Who Are Not Us


This guy’s Littlefinger is perfect.


Praise it

Pretty sweet, eh? Find many more pics at https://www.facebook.com/ggnorecast/.