Dungeons and Tables Part 2

TL;DR – I replaced the removable trays with a french cleat system for more freedom in positioning trays and cup holders.


In Part 1 I explained how I made the original version of this table.  The plans for the base table can be found on Ana-White.com.  It’s a simple plan that doesn’t require anything fancy. You can cut everything with a hand saw if you want, or have Lowes do all the cuts for you. From there I added removable trays and a plexiglass panel/screen.

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Dungeons and Tables Part 1


Behold! The everyman’s gaming table. Complete with mismatching stain, visible screws, poorly measured cuts and after-market mods.


I am not a professional, semi-professional or hobbyist wood-worker.  I’m just a guy who sometimes builds things because I’m curious or because I need to.  Also, this has been done many other times by other people, and much better.  This is just the story of my own take on it.


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39 – Let’s Play Deep Carbon Observatory (Part 0) – Chargen

We kick off season 3 of the show by making Into the Odd characters for our actual/let’s play of Deep Carbon Observatory.

If you want to get right down to the play, head to episode 40, the first proper episode of the new season.

But here we talk about who made the the system and the module, what’s cool about them, what’s different than standard D&D or Lamentations of the Flame Princess, and there’s lots of affected southern accents.


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not me, but could be you

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“Lewis and Dekalb” Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
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38 – DragonCon 2016


This is our DragonCon (Party Capital of the World™) 2016 recap episode. We had a much better experience than we did the previous year, and we talk about why.

We go over a lot of stuff in this episode, including:

Our Costumes


Tim as Joel from The Last of Us Remastered



Tim as Joel from The Last of Us, with Starbuck


Daniel as Bloodborne hunter with top hat


Daniel as Bloodborne hunter with tricorn

People Who Are Not Us


This guy’s Littlefinger is perfect.


Praise it

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