103 – A D&D Manifesto

It’s Daniel’s birthday, and Jim interviews him on what Daniel’s ideal D&D campaign would be. Dropping fundamental knowledge. Learn why clerics are objectively the best class. Learn the lowest common denominator of D&D characters as such. Hear our players express many different perspectives re: expectations of game, genre, etc. Discover the O B J E C T O F T H E G A M E. Opinions expressed are solely the opinion of Daniel but nevertheless should be recognized universally.

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92 – S N E K B O I B O S S F I G H T (ggnoRE:CAP Alabamia 3)

Recapping an actual bossfight with special mechanics you can steal and an abortive PC kingship.

We reference skeleton jellies, which I think Arnold K made up.

When Daniel talks about Apocalypse World style task resolution, here’s how he does it in 5e:

  • DC 20: all good
  • DC 12: successful generally, but with some complication
  • Less: bad

Daniel doesn’t use this unless there’s some way to make the 12-19 result interesting; otherwise, he defaults to DC 15 for a binary success target.

Daniel’s new ruling based on Tim’s shenanigans: if an item’s container is not explicitly marked on your sheet, Daniel assumes it’s stored in the worst place possible when it matters most.

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55 – Army of the Damned (Part 2)

Last time on gg no re:

We (the inquisition) traveled to an edgy land with vampires and stuff, looking for a girl who might know where the angel Avacyn might be. Angel-chan’s absence has been causing problems in the realm.

Along the way we met a sketchy weirdo who gave us holy bling (the arm of the faithful) and points us to Shadowgrange, the town where our contact resides.

Before long, an encounter on the road! Skeleton-bat-balls! But we #rekt them and carried on.

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