123 – re:play City of the Crepuscular Queen 1/

We start our play of Daniel’s homebrew setting and system, City of the Crepuscular Queen.

The first seven minutes or so explain to our magic user, Jim, how magic even works. We venture into discussions on what makes a good and/or fun spell. Thereafter, it’s onto the action.

There’s an entire cycle of play, which let the players (and lets you) get a decent idea of what D&D can be like without D&D. Tense NPC interaction, spell mishaps, combat, hippie storygame nonsense—it’s all here, folks.

Theme music for CCQ is “Monarchy,” the title track of the album from Mosh: https://iammosh.bandcamp.com/album/monarchy

Episode image: public domain


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One thought on “123 – re:play City of the Crepuscular Queen 1/

  1. This is indeed good radio. There may be hippie storygame nonsense, but the pacing is perfect. It plays much faster and feels more intense. So far I’m digging the rules and the setting. Can’t wait to hear more.

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