129 – re:play Making a PC for Pathfinder 2

Apologies in advance, but this episode is us helping Tim create a Pathfinder 2e character and complaining about it with amused detachment.

In the process, you’ll hear how a quick first-time generation goes, where someone has read a little bit and has a lot of help.

You’ll also hear about some of the differences between Pathfinder 2 and the past and present versions of D&D: proficiency, leveling, the action economy, etc.

We do actually like some of the changes, but, of course, detest most of them. Join us in the suffering.

Check below for a ready-to-run version of the first playtest adventure, with annotations that make it mostly a system neutral one page dungeon.

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2 thoughts on “129 – re:play Making a PC for Pathfinder 2

  1. Hey y’all.

    At around minute 23 you mention an RPG character creation webapp created by a G+ member. I couldn’t catch the person’s name and haven’t been able to find them in the OSR G+ group. Was wondering if you could drop a link? Something like that would be really useful for introducing new players to RPGs as it would lessen the burden of number crunching for people who aren’t playing for those reasons.

    In regards to PF 2e, I’m actually excited! Not that I hate myself enough to sit down and play but it may improve the pool of D&D players at local gaming stores/cons/etc, who are more interested in narrative style play rather than the crunch and creating the most broken character they can.

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