Game in the Time of Corona

An update about how gg no re is going quarantine mode. We’re still playing, and we should have another group podcast soon. This virus has also opened the door to remote play to us.

Here’s what our Dungeon Academy megadungeon setup looks like now.

What the players see while exploring:

What the DM sees:

For something fun for the players to do while they wait during the school phase of a Dungeon Academy game, I implemented the “map pins” system for the campus map and the map of their dorm. This lets them click on any location and (after a couple more clicks) get some additional info about it: flavor text, images, etc.

You can find out how to do this yourself here on the roll20 forums.

Roll20 Settings

I have found these Roll20 settings to be just what I want.

Page settings

This makes it so that players can only see, at any time, what their characters can see. Previously explored parts of the map outside light radius are blacked out. Definitely possible to get lost.

fog of war & advanced fog of war: off; dynamic lighting, enforced LoS, update on drop, restrict: on

Token Sight Settings

These are under the advanced tab. Set this for each character bearing a torch. Can also create a dummy token and assign it these settings if they drop a torch.

emits 30 feet with 15 feet dim, all players see, has sight

Dynamic Lighting

Here’s what my dynamic lighting walls and doors look like. Walls are orange; blue is doors. You can use the select tool when on this layer to move the door out of the way once opened and move it back once (re)closed.

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