91 – S N E K B O I B O S S F I G H T (ggnoRE:PLAY Alabamia 3)

We do an actual bossfight with special mechanics you can steal, which Daniel in turn stole from Dark Souls. Then they meet some dubious fungus people, and one PC is soon to be king.

Table images after the jump. You can see marching order and the yellow mini-rubber bands we use to indicate characters that have torches.

“River Valley Breakdown” Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

3 thoughts on “91 – S N E K B O I B O S S F I G H T (ggnoRE:PLAY Alabamia 3)

    • Better late that never on this one, sorry! The Dark Souls mechanics were in the boss fight. At the top of initiative order, the DM would give a “tell” for the boss, describing what would in a video game be a setup animation. I believe in this fight the tells were the boss’s turning in a certain direction and readying a swipe. Then, if you beat his actual initiative, you could move your PC out of the way of the boss’s attack. When the boss’s initiative came up, he attacked in the direction and with the area of effect indicated by the tell. So, if the players paid attention, they could predict where to move and/or what to do in order to avoid damage completely.


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