Annotated Maps for T1: The Village of Hommlet

As promised so long ago, here are the annotated maps Daniel used to run T1.

The yellow cones on the moathouse map indicate the areas in which the party may be detected by lookouts inside the moathouse.

I converted AC to ascending, but the other stats are pretty much by the book.

Click the images for links to pdfs of the same.



3 thoughts on “Annotated Maps for T1: The Village of Hommlet

  1. I know this post is eons old, but I’m running the Moat House for my group (6 players, all new to D&D) and in googling around looking for maps I discovered this post.

    I’ve been a ggnore listener for years and I’m a Patreon supporter, so it was fun to find your old materials (and they’re super useful). Thanks!

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