Episode 6: Masters of Disguise

2/3 of the party is composed of new characters, fresh, shiny, and chrome. But eternal??? They infiltrate the Sacred Stone monastery, home to the earth cult, and engage in hijinx involving excretory functions on command, stacking bodies in the washroom, and abusing prestidigitation to clean up after themselves.

Shadow, disguised as a monk, signals for the party to break in 
fighting a lieutenant in the chapel

Shadow was tanking hard this session. As a DM, I felt like I had no chance. I downed him once and was shocked—but of course he was back up before the round was over.

Moose’s new fighter-archer build with Geth Stormwind is serious business, especially combined with the optional flanking/facing rules we’re using from the DMG. If he stays behind targets at range, he has advantage all day and can use his battlemaster options to really lay the hurt on.

And I really wish I would have known how to use the black earth priest before running him in this session and getting straight pwned. Here’s my post on the proper tactics to use with these guys: http://detectmagic.blogspot.com/2015/05/princes-of-apocalypse-tactics-black.html.

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