Behind the Scenes from Start to Finish

This may be of interest to nobody, but here is my process for getting the audio of the game, from start to finish, including links to the necessary programs.
I am certainly a newb at this; so any suggestions are welcome. Nevertheless, I thought it might be useful for someone who’s thinking about getting into the podcast game to see what the entire flow can look like.
  1. Put iPad using the free Voice Recorder app as close to middle of table as possible
  2. Ensure app is recording in .aiff
  3. Record session, pausing and resuming as necessary
  4. Transfer to PC
  5. Dump .aiff file into Levelator
  6. Bring into Audacity (making sure the LAME mp3 encoder is installed)
  7. Export as mp3, indicating that it’s the raw (unedited) file
  8. Upload to Dropbox 
  9. During the week, listen to mp3 on phone using the Dropbox app’s audio player
  10. While listening, if I hear something that needs to be edited out, take a screenshot on phone of the audio player application, making sure the timestamp is visible
  11. When the edit should conclude, screenshot again
  12. Now I’ll have pairs of screenshots on my phone, each telling me when to stop and start an edit
  13. Highlight those sections in Audacity, delete.
  14. Export as final mp3 file, putting in ID3 tags when Audacity prompts
  15. Upload to Soundcloud for hosting
  16. Tag, insert shownotes while upload is going on
  17. When upload and processing are finished, share on blog, G+, etc. 
  18. Soundcloud has easy options for getting your shows put into an RSS feed properly for iTunes, etc.

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