Episode 11: Breach & Clear

Below the monastery — a guest star arrives — a tremendous encounter — amicable interrogation — information is the sharpest blade of all. Guest starring Josh via Hangouts.
There’s some great stuff in this episode.

The fight at the end is perhaps dependent on GM judgment to reproduce—but, obviously, I think it’s the right call.

Specifically (***spoilers***), our new fighter (played by guest star Josh), rushed in to the boss’s chamber and grappled him. I ruled that because of that, players who started in range of the boss’s gaze attack didn’t have to make their save. Maybe, per a strict reading of the rules, there should have been some other step before that should have been mechanically possible, but I couldn’t be bothered to look up and parse the details of the grappling rules in the moment.

In any case, this episode shows the incredible value of negotiation with monsters. It’s becoming a thing: episode 10 featured the same thing. Sometimes not killing monsters, even when you can without any risk of serious resource depletion, is worth the effort.

NOTE: when you are running a cult prophet, be sure to look at the writeup of their signature weapon in the appendix. It has stuff it can do that’s not listed in the prophet’s statblock.


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