160 – re:play Clerics in the Vineyard 1

Daniel finally gets to run Dogs in the Vineyard, adapted to a familiar D&D setting. It’s teenage pseudomormon gunslingers, but with St. Cuthbert instead of Mormonism.

Tim and John have rolled up 5e clerics, and Daniel explains the few changes necessary to make D. Vincent Baker’s game of hard ethical judgments with potentially explosive consequences work when adapted to **the world’s most popular roleplaying game**. In this episode, we get through both initiation conflicts; when we pick back up, the clerics will hit their first town.


You can’t buy this game anymore. Apparently, Vincent considers the setting 🚨 t o o 🚑 p r o b l e m a t i c 🚨 (although you can still buy Poison’d and Kill Puppies for Satan 🤔🤔🤔, and we’d definitely recommend Poison’d).

(We could be wrong about the reason for its discontinuation; we could find relevant quotes but no still-functional original source.)

All the more reason to tune in next time to see more fully how DitV works when adapted to an in-print game. The game itself may be dead, but its spirit lives on.

After we play through the town, we’ll publish the town with Daniel’s conversion rules.

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