134 – Roll Tide or Naw?

It’s the fabled Roll Tide or Naw? episode! We have a topic and then give what we think about it.

Here are the topics discussed in this ep:

  1. Tieflings
  2. Dragonborn
  3. Light cantrip
  4. Halflings
  5. Elves
  6. Half-elves
  7. Dwarves
  8. Forgotten Realms
  9. Tiamat
  10. Megadungeons
  11. Small dungeons
  12. Exploring a town like a dungeon
  13. Clerics
  14. Bards
  15. Mixed systems
  16. 4e
  17. Monks
  18. Counterspell
  19. “Decrement your torches”
  20. Making maps
  21. Adventure Paths
  22. Spelljammer
  23. Dark Sun
  24. Gnomes
  25. Drow

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4 thoughts on “134 – Roll Tide or Naw?

  1. This was great. Loved to hear everyone’s opinions on some of the more contentious issues of tabletop RPGs. Light should NOT be a cantrip, btw. Actually, all 0-level spells should be limited slots per day; if they aren’t it becomes a non-choice (detect magic is the worst offender here, imo).

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  2. Tieflings – yep
    Dragonborn – nope
    Light cantrip – hella nope
    Halflings – nope
    Elves – nope
    Half-elves – nope
    Dwarves – nope
    Forgotten Realms – mostly nope
    Tiamat – yep
    Megadungeons – yep
    Small dungeons – yep
    Exploring a town like a dungeon – mostly nope
    Clerics – hella yep
    Bards – hella nope
    Mixed systems – yep
    4e – nope (but it’s not so terrible)
    Monks – occasionally yep
    Counterspell – hella yep
    “Decrement your torches” – sometimes yep, sometimes nope
    Making maps – yep
    Adventure Paths – hella nope
    Spelljammer – yep
    Dark Sun – yep
    Gnomes – all the nope
    Drow – yep

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  3. Monks-naw
    Here the thing about monks. I would really appreciate the monk if it was less of a mystical wuxia class, and more of just a highly trained martialist It’s cool enough to be able to kill things by just punching them in the face without including all the stuff about chi and running up walls. In the appropriate setting fine, but I want more mundane and grounded options for martial artists in my games.

    Elves, dwarves, tieflings, dragonborn, pretty much anything that isn’t human-Naw
    But only as playable races. I think the glut of race options makes the game less, not more fantastic. When everyone is human in a strictly human world, suddenly other things that aren’t human are strange and fantastic again. That said, I still run games with all of these things because most players want them and the kinds of settings they exist in.

    Great episode and great format. Very entertaining. I hope we’ll get more Roll Tide or Naw in the future.

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