DragonCon 2015: Tower of the Stargazer (Part 1)

tower of the stargazer cover

DragonCon 2015 — we are bad at cons — post-hoc dining — LotFP character creation takes 2 seconds — blasted moonscape — always caution.
Pretty short episode here; we were just in to DragonCon, and couldn’t even be bothered to arrange a proper table.

In a break from our usual fare (well, not a huge break, as Lamentations of the Flame Princess is still basically just D&D), we booted up an early +James Raggi LotFP module: Tower of the Stargazer. Jim & Tim created a cleric and a specialist (rogue/thief) with +Ramanan S‘s generator, and we were off.

There’s not any combat in this episode—so, in another sense, its very different from our usual fare. This was all careful problem solving and navigation of imagined physical space. Plus some fun character interaction between “Spec” (awful old man specialist 1) and his Anglican deaconness daughter, Sam (level 1 cleric).

And the caution is well-advised: there were at least a couple times in this episode where it could have been save vs death time. But, because of clever play, the dice never had to come out.

DragonCon: http://dragoncon.org/
+James Raggi‘s +Lamentations of the Flame Princess (NSFW): http://www.lotfp.com/RPG/
Tower of the Stargazer: http://www.lotfp.com/store/ToweroftheStargazer
+Ramanan S‘s LotFP character generator: http://character.totalpartykill.ca/lotfp/
Reel Art (I think): http://www.reelart.biz/

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