139 – re:play Dungeon Academy 1

This starts our play of Dungeon Academy, Daniel’s homebrew campaign framework in which you play students in dungeon-school, D&D Hogwarts with the serial numbers filed off. In this episode, we see what a Sunday morning at the academy looks like.

The players are new to this as well; so you’ll be learning the game as they do. There’s live game design, and you can see the process by which some of the mechanics are refined in play.

Be sure to check out our new players page to see who (most of) these voices belong to.

We don’t have pictures for all the PCs yet, but here’s what we do have so far:

Saggitarius (Tim)

Pluto (John)

picture of Pluto (John)

Luciana (Mason)

And here’s what the custom trifold character sheets look like:

Group Facing

Player Facing

Player Facing Expanded

And, last, here’s the turn-planning sheet that the players were putting their minis on in order to let the ref know what they intend to do on the upcoming turn:

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