140 – re:play Dungeon Academy 2

The Dungeon Academy students attend their first church service, a memorial to the student who was recently murdered under mysterious circumstances. Then they hit the books to try to solve a mystery and enter the first joust of the year, courtesy of the 1971 Chainmail rules.

Be sure to check out our new players page to see who (most of) these voices belong to.

Headmaster Thoughts

I was rushing. I need to take time to let the different locations settle into the senses to get a feel for the campus. Maps and visual aids will help, but that’s no excuse to skimp verbally.

Also, on a research failure, I need to give you something else unrelated that fleshes out the setting. And I shouldn’t tell them the DC of research checks. And everyone who fails (or is in a group that fails) should take stress.

Dramatis Personae

Here are the NPCs featured in this ep:

Secundus, the murdered freshman

Anastasia, Warden of Saints

We don’t have pictures for all the PCs yet, but here’s what we do have so far:

Saggitarius (Tim)

Pluto (John)

picture of Pluto (John)

Luciana (Mason)

And here’s what the custom trifold character sheets look like:

Group Facing

Player Facing

Player Facing Expanded

And, last, here’s the turn-planning sheet that the players were putting their minis on in order to let the ref know what they intend to do on the upcoming turn:

Make a Search Check

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Werq Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
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Church Music:

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