127 – re:cap City of the Crepuscular Queen 5

Something a bit different this time. Daniel recaps the session with voiceover, cutting in clips of the actual play, and commenting on particular mechanico-structural elements. Let us know what you think.

Here’s the link to the post I wrote showing you what a pathcrawl is and how to run one and why you might want to: https://detectmagic.wordpress.com/2014/04/22/pathcrawl/.

And my Chartopia collection of the 1981 Moldvay Basic D&D Treasure Types: https://chartopia.d12dev.com/en/collection/112/.

Theme music for CCQ is “Monarchy,” the title track of the album from Mosh: https://iammosh.bandcamp.com/album/monarchy

Episode image: public domain

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One thought on “127 – re:cap City of the Crepuscular Queen 5

  1. I really appreciate the commentary on the system and play, as well sharing the pathrcrawl information. I’ve been trying some similar concepts in some of my recent games, but not nearly as well conceptualized as this, so this will help in planning future games. It’s always helpful to see how other GMs do things. Thanks for being so thorough in describing your methods. Daniel, I can tell you’re really at home with this game compared to your other actual plays, especially your 5e games. I’ve seen a running theme of those games ending in frustration from what I’ve listened to so far. Glad to see things going well in this direction and I hope it continues to be an enjoyable game for you and everyone.

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