126 – re:play City of the Crepuscular Queen 4

This ep is another example of a full mythic play-cycle: suffering in the world of humanity caused by evils within and/or without, leading to a journey to the underworld and mortal combat with its denizens, which are inimical to human interests and values, followed by the liberation of its secrets and wealth, with the protags returning to the world of humanity bearing sorrow, experience, boons, and, perhaps, an adumbration of the eschaton.

In other words, town problem > dungeon > town resolution.

This episode is also heavily choreographed in the fight(s). The game doesn’t have to play out this way, but I think everyone was into it. I know I like an intense and gorily choreographed monster fight, and that’s what you get.

Theme music for CCQ is “Monarchy,” the title track of the album from Mosh: https://iammosh.bandcamp.com/album/monarchy

Episode image: public domain

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2 thoughts on “126 – re:play City of the Crepuscular Queen 4

  1. This is actually very impressive. The rules seem incredibly streamlined, yet elegant. The combat narrative and combat rules blend seamlessly, each working in conjunction with the other. I’m feeling a lot of Into the Odd here…maybe some Apocalypse World as well? Any hopes to publish your system some day? Best episode in this setting so far.

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    • Glad you’re enjoying it. It’s barely a system; I imagine I’ll publish what I’m using sometime in the next month or so. Things are still in a minor state of flux while I try things out in these episodes.


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