101 – D&D Beyond

We discuss D&D Beyond, WotC’s newly launched digital platform. Jim delves into the history of WotC’s electronic forays and situates D&DB therein; we talk about what it does (and doesn’t) do, how it can be improved, and whether it’s worth your money.

D&D🅱️ 🅱️🅱️y

Actual conversion from our patron-only discord:

danieljdavis: @Tim how did using DNDB as a character sheet work for you?

Tim: Didn’t really get to do much with it, but having the text of my Bident was very handy, obv. And used it to adjust HP lvls, which was easy.

“Text of my 🅱️ident,” you say? What’s that?

It’s a


magic item Daniel made. They’re easy to make. This is what they look like:

Want some more screenshots? Sure. Here’s what the campaign management screen looks like. If you listen to the ep, you’ll know that this is pretty much what there is right now. A campaign is an association of PCs that can share their purchased content, and the DM can read/write their characters.

And here’s what the virtual character sheet looks like on desktop:

And, when you search for something, say a kobold, you get something like this:

The icons along the top are filters. Click them if you only are interested in results for monsters, spells, etc.

And you can see the monster stat preview in the right hand pane, which is pretty nice. If you click the view page button, you get the full monster writeup, which looks like this:

You do not need to have anyone in your campaign buy the monster manual if your DM is inclined to a bit of text entry (or hiring a teenager, or a player, or a teenager-player, to do the same). Your homebrew monsters can work just as well (and have the identical stats as) a proper monster that’s free with the basic rules or that you (or someone in your campaign) has paid for.

Personally, I’d just reskin the existing monsters on the fly:

No Mearls, No Masters.

We are cranking things up here at GGNOREHQ. We’ve got video content on the way, the firstfruits of which our patrons shall witness upon this very day. Check us out if you’re interested in 5e, the OSR, the confluence of the two, or RPGs in general, I suppose.

We’re going to be at DragonCon in ATL this year; things are going to reach levels of L I T not previously thought possible. Hit us up if you want to meet up and game/hang together.

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