144 – re:play Dungeon Academy 5

Back in that Dungeon Academy. What happens in this ep:

  • Espying a spider-man
  • resurrecting a skeletal smith
  • speaking with the spider-man
  • a dead alchemist holds a magic wand and magic hat and magic robes (+1 hp, help you hide against the night sky)
  • held up by bandits
  • the mechanical benefits of romance

Be sure to check out our new players page to see who (most of) these voices belong to.

Reference Images


Iambic tetrameter flavor text of the entrance to the woods:

Beyond the mossed and tumbled walls, the air convolves with inky swirls. Beneath the moons dance shimmering wisps. But on the road, beneath the looming trees, the night is dark and clear.

Entrance to the Woods (Gustav Doré)

Dramatis Personae

Saggitarius (Tim)

picture of Pluto (John)

Pluto (John)

Luna (Jim)

Octavius (Stacy)

And here’s what the custom trifold character sheets look like:

Group Facing

Player Facing

Player Facing Expanded

And, last, here’s the turn-planning sheet that the players were putting their minis on in order to let the ref know what they intend to do on the upcoming turn:

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