Episode 16: 80d6 Fire Damage, Save for Half

fateful annotations

Approaching the not ominously burning wicker man hippie druid festival — drug shenanigans — making the assault — 80d6 fire damage, save for half — the future.
A brutal, brutal episode.

The future direction of the show was in doubt after this one, but, fortunately, we decided to soldier on with Princes of the Apocalpyse, despite our reservations about it.

Also: if you have a wizard, get fireball at level 3.


You can rain 16d6 of destruction on you enemies over two rounds. Who can say no to that?

As a direct result of this episode, Tim’s next character took the mage slayer feat.

That’s what I like to see.

Valdos Lokexus

Valdos the tiefling warlock (planned to be a sorlock).  He liked to sketch things with his blood pencil, and shoot eldritch blasts from his staff at the baddies.

Valods Lokexus
I’m pointing at you with two fingers.
Be afraid.

That’s about all we knew of him until he was eaten by jackalweres, not to be mistaken with werejackals, that’s just a n00b mistake (Note: I DON’T KNOW THE DIFFERENCE).

That red stuff is not blood; it’s Daniel’s
lackluster map-drawing.
Farewell, Valdos.