165 – Inferno 2

Daniel got it into his head to run a Dante’s Inferno tactical D&D war/storygame. Unfortunately, Roll20 doesn’t let you export entire campaigns; so we’re dumping all the assets out there for you to use if you want—or at least for you to get an idea of the kind of assets that would be involved were you to want to do something similar.

Here’s all the public domain image assets (mostly from Gustave Doré) Daniel used to do this in Roll20: https://imgur.com/a/uenONOl

Here’s the translation of the Inferno he used: Esolen (2003) (aff)

Here’s the sequence of scenes he used:


Here’s a GDoc of all the flavor text, plus monster stats. Most of it is composed of quotations from Inferno (Cantos I-III), with some transitional prose by a lesser author.

In the episode, Daniel talks about the process for creating such a campaign and how you might go about doing your own literary homage-campaign. 

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