Galaxy Far Away – Ultralite Star Wars

Asa runs a Star Wars game using the Galaxy Far Away ultralite rules from d66 Kobolds.

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podcast: gg no re @ itunes

2 thoughts on “Galaxy Far Away – Ultralite Star Wars

  1. #BatuBound. Hey! So cool to see and hear this. I wrote Galaxy Far Away, and I’m sorry that I missed this for many months since posting. Did you have a chance to see the expanded loadouts I posted a little while ago in October?

    Your droid sound effects slayed me. I can’t get enough. It does not get old. Perfect. “Everybody speaks droid is the most implausible thing.” For what it’s worth, the single best Star Wars character I ever had is “JK-L0L” the protocol droid (who was a total troll 110% of the time). “Less than free” was a personal mantra during play.

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