147 – re:play Dungeon Academy 8

Suspicion over the murder of Secundus spreads among the faculty. Luna’s romance gets complicated. Luna and Tacitus study wand creation. And the rest of the party sneak into the sewers beneath the dorm and find some unexpected things.

Be sure to check out our new players page to see who (most of) these voices belong to.

Dramatis Personae

The PCs

Saggitarius (Tim)

Nike (John)

Tacitus (Asa)

Luna (Jim)


The NPCs

Anastasia, Warden of Saints

Lucilla, Master (Drakophon Shades 1-B)

Antonius, Master (Hawkenfin Stars 1-C)

Phoebe (Drakophon Stars 1-B)

Domitius (Drakophon Shades 1-B)


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